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References & Recommended Reading


Get this book if you live in the hills or are just interested in forests. It illustrates rainforest, wet forest and damp forest species and was largely compliled by Vivien Freshwater, who has been at the fore-front of the very successful environmental weed eradication work in Sherbrooke Forest for over twenty five years and has written for several publications, including Flora of Victoria.

Up here in the deep red and brown soils on the mountain, if it's not in this book it's probably a weed...

The Belgrave Book Barn will happily sell you one for 20 dollars and they can be acquired through Another small book by the Friends of Sherbrooke Forest, now out of print but available on CD through the FOSF website, called Weeds of Forests, Roadsides and Gardens, is just as valuable.

Vivien Freshwater hugging a tree
Vivien Freshwater doing what comes naturally

Click to order the CD from the FOSF Webmaster

As wheel re-invention is such a tedious task, we would be mad not to just direct you straight to
THE definitive list of forest and wildlife books, papers and other publications for this neck of the woods,
which naturally resides at the website of the Friends Of Sherbrooke Forest
Take some time to browse this interesting site, but do come back to ours

Click on this book for the FOSF bibliography pages

Go to the FOTSB

For history you can't beat Helen Coulson's marvellous The Story Of The Dandenongs
1958 Longman Cheshire (ISBN 0 582 71479 6)

Another book, called Monbulk: Living in the Dandenongs - A Social History by Dorothy Williams
1998 Woorilla (ISBN 09586604 6 8)
is also very well researched and fascinating reading

These two are easily obtainable in public libraries.

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