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Consultants and Contributions

Vivien Freshwater has been supportive and very helpful with forest and botanical questions so we know that we're on firm ground

We thank Bill Russell for his sage advice on historical matters Narrow-Gauge

Go to Bill's site
Go to Bill's Narrow Gauge site

Herb Warren has been kindly answering arcane enquiries about timber bridge construction

John Shaw has been the main source for railway Way & Works lore

Digital Images

Footer photograph of burls on a Sherbrooke Forest mountain ash (Eucalypus regnans)
by Prof. Jenny Edwards

Burls on a mountain ash
Go to Jenny's website & gallery

Weed Photographs

We are indebted to Ian Rainbow and the Glenfern Bushland Friends
for their photos and page links

Visit the Glenfern Valley
Visit the Glenfern Valley

Historic Photographs

The old postcard-style photographs are from the Public Record Office collection,* accessed through the Museum Victoria website (see the link below). We have tried to formally seek copyright permission for their use in our site but the procedure that is required is currently broken or under review and consequently unavailable. We will obtain permission as soon as the facility for doing so is back in place...

Museum Link
To the Museum

except* Emerald Primary School

Go to EPS
Go to the EPS site

Recent Photographs

These photographs, where not otherwise credited, or where the image is not directly linked to the source site are either in the public domain or have been taken by the site author. These photographs are also released into the public domain and can be saved and used by anyone who cares to. For web use, all that is asked is that you credit the author simply by linking the picture to where it originated.

Text and Tables

Many thanks to the Friends of Sherbrooke Forest
for their kind permission to use parts of their website texts and the occasional image as well

Sherbrooke Crew Photograph
Go to the FOSF website

We thank the Volunteer Co-ordinators Network for all the good points about volunteering

Go to the VCN website


The Bush Lawyer's Disclaimer

The author intended not to use any copyrighted material for the publication
or, if not possible, to indicate the copyright of the respective object.
Except for the author's photographs the copyright for any material created by the author is reserved.
The overall style and content copyright is reserved by the Friends Of The Trestle Bridge.
Any duplication or use of any diagrams, or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's agreement, something which only Donald Rumsfeld and Satan himself would be denied.
The author really does hope that all made sense to you...

Finally, FOTTB is a volunteer non-profit collective and any acquired content is used in good faith and a copyright owner would have to be a bit churlish to object to our utilising the item for the cause. Nevertheless, if we have transgressed, let us know and we'll cease and desist forthwith.

Anyone with website issues, copyright permissions, lawsuits
process servers, bailiffs and all other legal prolixities and complications
please use this door

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