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To Contact The Friends

We're very interested in hearing from you

Do you have comments or questions for the Friends?
Maybe an announcement or upcoming event that you wish to publicise on a forest rehabilitation related site?
Maybe just some thoughtful reflections in prose or poetry
All contributions welcome
Perhaps you're thinking of finally making that effort to join others and help free our forests and streams from environmental weeds?

Become a member of our Group. We're friendly, as our name suggests, and we'll supply the tea and bikkies if you will supply the body
Any committment you can make, even one afternoon a year is valuable to us
Donations are nearly as useful as volunteer person-power
We could use funds for tools, protective clothing, equipment for drill & fill sylvicide operations and survey equipment such as GPS devices and maps, newsletter publishing, not to mention the tea and bikky stocks

Even if you just want a chat, contact us

If you know of any good links, post them on the Visitors Book. Just signing the Friends Visitors Book below will encourage us no end and let us know you've been here

Questions may be posted and can be answered or commented on by other site visitors and/or the site moderator and group members

If we don't know, we will try to point you at someone who does

Just click one of the addresses below to send us an e-mail:

Vickie Boyle 03 9754 4505

E-mail Vicki...

Philip Jensen 0415 525 886

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Friends Of the Trestle Bridge
85 Belgrave-Gembrook Road Selby 3159

Sign Our Visitors Book

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