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The What's-On

Weekly Forest Therapy Sessions

This coming Tuesday, every Tuesday actually, join our Tuesday Mob for a few hours of going head-to-head with the Weed Menace of your choice

We have an extensive range to choose from in sizes and shades to suit everybody

So don't get that punching bag for the pergola, save your money and come down and ruthlessly despatch swathes of something offensive in a lovely forest setting, surrounded by birds, platypus, fishes and Friends (and we can supply the appropriate weapons)

The battle commences every Tuesday at the Trestle Bridge car park after about 1030hrs... Well, it's not the army, possums.


Site Foreman, Commander Sir Clancy Black-Dogsbody (Retired) takes time out
for a spot of afternoon tea with one of his loyal retainers
at the modern, well-appointed and spacious FOTTB canteen

There's also a nice cup of tea and maybe a biscuit in it for the first 50 customers

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or a preference for coffee & doughnuts

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