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Download Firefox Free Browser

Mozilla Free Browser Suite

Thunderbird E-mail Program

IncrediMail E-Mail Program

Foxmail E-Mail Program

Get Google Desktop

Microsoft XP Powertoys

Aida32 System Information

Everest SysInfo & Diagnostics

Karen's Computer Profiler

Karen's Cookie Viewer

Belarc Advisor SysInfo

World Wind Satellite Viewer

Get Google Earth

Maestro Mars Explorer

Network Techs Software Downloads

Protect Your PC From Malware

Sygate Personal Firewall

Zone Alarm Firewall

Outpost Firewall

AVG Anti-virus Free

Anti-Vir Personal Edition

Lavasoft Ad-aware SE

Spyware Blaster

Spybot Search & Destroy

CCleaner Optimiser

Pop-Up Stopper

Microsoft Anti-Spyware

Microsoft Malicious Software Remover

Open Office Suite

Internet Services

Melb PC Users Group ISP Services

Earthlink ISP

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A builder's polemic...

The site is hosted by a free webhosting site from the Carnegie Mellon University that you too can use to build your own site for free and get a domain name for free just by cicking on the Build A Site link at the top of this page
It's not rocket science, has templates and most website features, including a free donate/payment facility, can be incorporated quite easily

You can eventually upgrade to a paid site, something that has several benefits, including a shorter site name and no advertising, something we ourselves will do when funds allow
If a philianthopist cares to sponsor our paltry upgrade monthly fee they would be given due credit in our site footer, thus appearing on every page

If you have no ad-blocking, java-blocking or anti-pop-up facility on your browser, you may see the ads that make this kind of site possible for groups and individuals
Chances are that you are using a sub-standard browser such as Internet Explorer, a program designed by Grey Forces to restrict and commercialise your web use, not anywhere near web-secure and the all-time favourite hi-jack target for malicious hackers and a very ordinary product all round

Open-source software makes no enemies and doesn't attract the world's best hackers trying to disrupt it, indeed, these very hackers are probably working on making some open-source software better as I write this, in between attacking Microsoft products

If this is your situation, our advice is to get a better browser
If IE didn't come bundled with Windows, nobody would use it

I recommend Firefox or Mozilla, both open-source (community-built), free downloads and great browsers with virus, ad and pop-up blockers built-in and bulk plug-ins, themes and extensions available from within the program (you can even write and submit your own scripts, add-ons and improvements for these on-going open-source projects) and it's easy to import your current settings and favourites lists

There are manifold practical, aesthetic and even the odd ethical reasons for making a switch

The link below lists very compelling reasons for giving Bill the DCM (Don't come Monday) and getting yourself an excellent new browser with big heaps of features

Link to Firefox download

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